Kamikaze Cockroach


I was doing some laundry today, I went into the bedroom to get the next load and noticed Lu standing over something right outside the door way. I set down the load of clothes and walked over to see a cockroach on his back doing the cockroach shuffle.

Feeling bad for the little dude I immediately went into the kitchen and grabbed a cup to scoop him into. I got back to the door way, scooped the frantic bug, and headed for the backyard. I go him outside to release in him the back yard and just as I tipped the cup that mother fucker jumped out and bum  rushed my ass!

I jumped back and slammed the sliding glass door closed as this kamikaze cockroach charged me. I am all about saving insects, catch and release, AND that cockroach was two seconds from meeting its maker. Ungrateful turd.


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