I really don’t have time to write so this will be a short one.

I am under multiple deadlines this week and have multiple new clients so it is busy times.

The woman who is my connection to Red Tent and also newest Soul Friend in the making reached out to me this morning to make me aware of the upcoming Red Tent for the full moon. It is Monday and I have an evening appointment that day which does not overbook, however I would be late and the ceremony would be starting. I had all but decided my chances of attending were slim.

I was sitting in my disappointment of this reality when my work cell rang, it was that specific client calling to reschedule their Monday appointment to a different day.

What do you have to say about that!?

I immediately emailed my friend back to make her aware and then silently rejoiced.

I did not have to manipulate this situation into being, I did nothing but send a silent wish out into the void.

This makes me all the more curious about what Monday nights Red Tent will bring me, or what I will bring it. There is a reason paths clear when things are meant to happen.

I am grateful right now. I am grateful for this sacred reprieve in the middle of a rather chaotic schedule. I am grateful for sacred connection. I am grateful for so much. Right now I feel abundant, and overflowing, my light will shine bright as I go out into the world today and hold space for others.



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