Artistic Outlets

A friend reached out to me recently and hinted that she might need some help writing content for a professional project she is working on. She and her business partner are planning what sounds like some kind of retreat for November. I am not sure the details (like target population or theme/content of the retreat) but the thought of helping her in this way is interesting. I have never written in this way before, I am not sure what I think honestly. I know I am curious enough to want to know more though.

In other creative news I have taken a step in another direction towards getting paid through artistic expression. It was another leap of faith where I didn’t know much about the opportunity, I just knew I felt compelled to act and make myself seen. It will pan out or it won’t. It feels good to follow my intuition so freely, it is a new practice for me and I am glad I am being presented with so many opportunities to do it.


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