Last week a friend who has been following my writing for years asked me where I have been.

A lot is happening outside of Adding to Nine in my life right now so I have decided to take a momentary pause to be in all of the goodness life is bringing my way.

A quick update:

We took little bubby on his first vacation last week, a beach trip. It was wonderful. One of the highs of motherhood so far was introducing my baby to the ocean. My heart is so full as the memory of it surfaces.

My family might be moving. This was not exactly our plan in terms of timeline but the perfect thing might be within our reach. My intuition started speaking to me about this step earlier this year and now slowly things are starting to fall into place. We are cautiously moving forward.

This coming weekend I leave for Soul Camp. It is my first time being away from little bubby overnight. I am flowing through all of the emotions that are coming up for me as I prepare for this trip. Soul Camp provides me space and time for healing that a typical monthly two hour therapy session just cannot hold. I am grateful for this space and time and am very aware of what I am putting down in order to hold myself in this experience. It is all sacred and I step into this coming weekend with connected intention.

I plan to be back at it after returning from Soul Camp.

The truth is life will always be busy. We make time for what we consider a priority, writing has always been a priority for me because it is one of my biggest acts of self-care and free expression.

AND I will rest when I need to. I will pause when I need to. I will not write from a place of scarcity. I know what I give, what I contribute, the way I share my voice, and wisdom, and story – is enough.

May this declaration inspire you to rest, pause, and hold yourself sacred all the while knowing, whatever it is will be there waiting for you.

This time away has brought with it so much beautiful inspiration to share upon my return. Until that time, I offer a new way to experience my story as it unravels; Jillian Baxter Art. I began an Instagram account that will act primarily as a platform for my art. My origin story as a writer starts at age 9, art and I go further back, pretty much since the moment I could hold a paint brush. Art and writing have been an important part of my coming home to myself as I heal, this is just another way to experience my long walk home.

With that, I am sending you all love for every time you need it.

With my hand at my heart –

Adding to Nine