Sacred Ceremony in the Time of Covid

I am giving myself 10 minutes of processing and then nightly routine commences.

My husband and I held sacred ceremony this evening; for ourselves, for our family, for society and the collective, and for The Mother.

While my husband put little bubby to bed I cleansed the living room and other common areas of our home with sage smoke. I then created a sacred circle; white candle in the middle, three separate circles of divination cards, surrounded by my wand in the East, my husband’s in the West, little bubby’s in the South and our family shell in the North.

I sang a prayer to Mother Earth while I waited for my husband to join me, it is how I begin any deep meditation, then I sat in silent meditation. While in my empty silence I saw a vision;

In the vision my hands, which were physically resting open in my lap, were not empty but full with three items; a large wooden heart painted red, a bushel of grain, and a purple stone.

When my husband joined me this is how I opened circle, with a meditation. I asked him to close his eyes and imagine he is holding three items, any three items whatever comes to mind first. Once he saw his vision we began our ceremony.

We pulled four cards from the inner most circle. These cards were for ourselves, little bubby, and our family as a whole.

I pulled Progress which was about “charging forward” and being willing to make mistakes along the way.
My husband pulled Priorities for himself.
I then pulled Risk for our family which is about having faith and believing we are worthy of what we seek.
My husband pulled Magnificence for little bubby which is about bringing your unique golden light to the world.

Then we pulled from the middle circle which represents what the world needs from each one of us individually.

My husband pulled Starseed, the card asked the question, “What lights you up?” My husband described his interpretation of the card beautifully; he envisioned the center core of a star, the fusion, the reactions, what makes it shine. I then asked him what is at his core that he bring forward to the world; he reponded “calm, rationale, and logic”.

I pulled Awakening, it has to do with experiencing energetic shifts and integration. I see this as my call to stand in my Truth and bring my message of Love forward into the world. This is my soul’s purpose that I have awoken to.

Finally we pulled cards from the outer circle. I pulled a card for Mother Earth to hold space for what she needs from all of us collectively. My husband pulled a card for humanity and what humans need (how we all need to be showing up right now).

I pulled compassion; Mother Earth needs deeper Love. My husband pulled Authenticity. We discussed this card, what does it actually mean to be authentic? It is not about being good or right. It is about standing in your integrity, it is when your thoughts, feelings, actions, are all aligned. When I am being authentic during the time of Covid I allow myself permission to feel my fear and anxiety as they rise, without reaction or judgment, I hold myself and comfort myself in these dark moments. In doing so I am released from the need to act on these feelings. Humanity needs more authenticity to help temper the fear. If we are in our fear we will have a harder time being in our Love. The Mother needs us to be in our Love. Love of Self, Love of others, Love of the Mother. We have to see that when we are afraid of what we cannot control or what we do not have we are not considerate of how the ways we act on those fears impact others and The Mother. Heightened consuming hurts The Mother as well as others, usually the most vulnerable. We also do not see how the way we act on out of fear keeps us out of alignment with the Self and our higher purpose. We did not come here to consume and fear and leave. We came hear to Love and share our unique gifts.

At the end my husband shared what his three things were from the visualization; a lucky rabbits foot for our family, a pencil for the world, and a baseball for himself. I know the meaning of these things without explanation and I see the Truth in his vision.

I closed the circle with mantras;

I am healthy. I am safe.
My family is healthy. My family is safe.
We are unaffected by crisis.
We are enough. What we have is enough. What we give is enough.
I am enough.
We are Love. We are Connection. We are calm. We are Peace.

I will do my part to be the Love that I am and stay in my integrity and out of fear and scarcity. I will shine my light bright and do what I can to keep the collective flame burning.


Sending BIG Love in uncertain times for all those who need it.

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