Laying in a Field of Flowers I knew I would Survive

My upbringing included a religious indoctrination that at best left me often feeling confused, and at worst planted seeds of deep shame and fear which took root. Uprooting these toxic messages from my childhood have absolutely been part of my healing, AND there are places in me where that darkness never touched.

A large part of my childhood took place outside unsupervised with The Mother, my true Mother, the Earth. This was the miracle of my childhood. The trees, the wildflowers, the open fields, the dirt and mud, the animals and insects; they were the reminders that kept my soul anchored to my own true spiritual path.

One spring day when I was young, I was alone in one of the field’s of wildflowers next to our home. There was a clearing where no flowers grew in the middle of the field. I laid down in the middle of the clearing and watched the sky. It was overcast, I had not seen the sun once that day, but there in my circle it broke through and shone upon me. While laying blanketed in the light I remembered something, all I can describe this remembering as is Love. I knew I would be okay, I knew I would survive my life, and I knew Love and the support of The Mother was the reason.

Our messages of remembrance surround us all the time. When I was a child those long days alone in nature kept my spiritual channel open to receive the messages of support and Love that I needed. We all come here with wisdom of the place we came from, it is important that we keep our spiritual channel open so we are able to remember the Truth and Love of our soul’s purpose.

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