About Jillian

Lu and me in the mountains

Hello and Welcome. This is me, Jillian.

I am really glad you have found your way here.

This blog is a place of personal reflection. I am not here to give advice or pretend that I have answers for anyone other than myself, I don’t. I have been writing since the age of 9, it is a very big piece of my identity. Writing is how I take counsel with myself, it is the place where I discover and dare to stand in my truth.

I began this blog with the intention of allowing myself to be seen and then fell back into my fear when I took the first big step forward. I had to retreat, recoup, reconnect with myself, and reclaim my power. Once I was done with my “re’s” I was ready to come back and see this soul work through.

This is a place of acceptance and curiosity and I am honored to share space with you.