Truth, Gratitude, and Pleasure

These were the three cards I pulled from my self-care deck this morning and were the intention set for my day.


Gratitude was easy. I started counting, a practice I have grown to love over the years. What I found is that in the gratitude I was counting today there was a common thread, my husband. I decided to take my gratitude to the next level, I wrote him a note of gratitude and counted my gratitude for him. I left the note in the same place I leave all of his love notes I write; on the garage door so it is the first thing he sees when he is entering our home after work.

Truth came up this evening. I met one of my soul friends for dinner and tea at the local tea shop I love so much. I was honest. I was honest about something I am not honest about with anyone, including myself, because I do not want to see myself in this truth and I do not want to be seen in this truth. I was honest with her because I know I am finally ready to be honest with myself and to do that I needed to first say it out loud.

She totally got it. No judgement, just love. This piece I was honest about is tied to my shadow of self-hatred and doubt. Building a relationship with these shadows can only be done through truth and honesty, that was an important card to draw right now.

Pleasure is a difficult place for me in terms of self-care during the week when I feel I need to be focused on my professional life. On my days off I can easily take pleasure in self-care. I can be indulgent and “selfish” and do things I enjoy just for me. On a Monday when I have a to-do list, different story. I don’t have time for pleasure on a Monday like today.

When I was done with tea tonight I went back to the counter and ordered the two most indulgent cookies they had available and took them home to share with my husband. I could not finish my halves, too rich and sweet even when cut with almond milk. Even still, I found a way to be indulgent on a Monday.